Steve's Record as a Senator

  • Never takes gifts or travel from special interests.

  • Beat the NRA and closed the assault weapon loophole.

  • Banned Big Tobacco from marketing to kids.

  • Held PG&E accountable for starting wildfires.

  • Protected small businesses from predatory lenders.

  • 100% Equality California. 100% Planned Parenthood.

  • Authored  legislation to create a $1,000 Renter’s Tax Credit.

  • Will ensure big corporations pay their fair share.

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Takes No Gifts or Travel

Beat the NRA

Beat Big Tobacco

Holding PG&E Accountable 

Protected Small Business

100% Equality California

100% Planned Parenthood


Increasing Renters Tax Credit


Corporations Pay Their Fair Share


Stand with Steve because

Steve stands with us.