Fighting to expand LGBTQ rights in California!

For Senator Glazer, protecting the rights of the LGBTQ community is a core personal value and a top legislative priority (more photos). Senator Glazer:

  • Voted for the Safe and Supportive Schools Act to provide teachers resources and tools to assist LGBTQ students who are facing harassment and lack of acceptance in school. (AB 493)
  • Voted for PrEP and PEP Access Expansion to reduce barriers to access HIV preventive medications. (SB 159)
  • Voted for Bias-Free Child Custody Determination to forbid discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity when granting custody of a child. (SB 495)
  • Voted to allow transgender individuals to update marriage, birth and other legal documents to accurately reflect their legal name and gender. (SB 741)
  • Voted to streamline the importation of donor medical history for families of donor-conceived children. (AB 785)
  • Voted for LGTBQ Young People Non-Discrimination Act which was co-sponsored by Equality California and L.A. District Attorney Jackie Lacey. (SB 145)
  • Voted to ensure all educational agencies updated transgender student records to accurately reflect their legal name and gender. (AB 711)
  • Voted to forbid state agencies from acquiring goods or services from a contractor who discriminates based on gender identity. (SB 703)
  • Voted to protect the parental rights of infertile and/or same-sex couples who employed a surrogate to birth their children. (AB 2349)
  • Voted to create an LGBT Seniors Bill of Rights to protect LGBT residents of long-term care facilities. (SB 219)
  • Voted to extend the California Health Youth Act which requires comprehensive sexual health education for all public middle and high school students. (AB 2601
  • Voted to expand the Unruh Civil Rights Act and allow victims of gender violence based on their gender identity to seek damages and redress from responsible parties. (AB 830)
  • Voted to require state agencies to collect data based on sexual orientation and gender identity in addition to race and ethnicity. (AB 959)
  • Voted to restrict travel by state employees to states that discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. (AB 1887)
  • Voted to require private universities in California to disclose policies that discriminate against transgender employees or students. (SB 1146)
  • Vote to authorize inmate housing according to gender identity. (SB 132)
  • Voted to prohibit Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) in sexual assault, harassment or discrimination cases. (SB 820)
  • Voted to recognize Non-Binary as an official legal gender. (SB 179)