Fighting to expand Women's Rights in California!

(Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards & Senator Steve Glazer)

Senator Glazer is strongly Pro-Choice. He has always fought to protect and expand women’s rights (more photos). Senator Glazer:

  • Voted to increase state paid family leave to 8 weeks, (SB 83) 
  • Voted to provide paid maternity leave for California teachers. (AB 500) 
  • Voted to fund $1 billion for women’s health services. (SB 586)
  • Voted to extend the California Health Youth Act which requires comprehensive sexual health education for all public middle and high school students. (AB 2601) 
  • Voted to oppose the “Gag Rule”, a Trump Administration regulation designed to “de-fund” Planned Parenthood by prohibiting recipients of Federal Title X health care funds from providing information about abortions. (AJR 42)
  • Voted to extend the statute of limitations to 10 years for victims of human trafficking to bring a civil action on their behalf. (AB 15)
  • Voted to authorize immunity from arrest for sex workers who report serious crimes to the police. (SB 233)
  • Voted to require public universities in California to cover the cost of abortion drugs. (SB 24)
  • Voted to prohibit Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) in sexual assault, harassment or discrimination cases. (SB 820)
  • Voted to prohibit firing employees for obtaining an abortion (AB 569)
  • Voted to repeal minimum sentences for repeat prostitution offenders. (SB 1129) Voted to require the placement of foster children in out-of-home care based on their gender identity regardless of the gender or sex listed in their court or welfare records. (SB 731)