Protecting the Environment

In the Bay Area, we sometimes take our beautiful environment for granted. This is risky because environmental stewardship requires ongoing vigilance. Our clean air and water, bays, forests, grasslands, and creeks won't stay protected unless they are a part of every discussion.

On a broader scale, the Climate Change crisis poses a real and serious threat to human survival. Notes Senator Glazer, “I am immensely proud of California’s leadership in forging policies to reduce carbon emissions and promote renewable energy.  I have worked with Governors Brown and Newsom to enact the strictest tailpipe emission legislation in the nation and to reduce California’s carbon footprint as quickly as possible.”

An ethos of conservation and environmentalism has driven Steve Glazer’s three decades of public service. Here are some highlights from before he was elected to the State Senate:

  • Steve worked with the Trust for Public Land on ballot measures in more than 25 states to protect clean water and thousands of acres of open space.
  • In Northern California, Steve led campaigns to protect old-growth redwood forests, San Francisco Bay, parks and open spaces.
  • Steve helped pass the Propositions 12 and 13 Water and Park Bonds in 2000, which protect clean water, clean air, parks and coastline throughout California.
  • On the Board of Contra Costa County Solid Waste Authority for almost five years, Steve and the Board members substantially increased recycling and reuse practices.

In the Legislature, Senator Glazer has been a stalwart supporter of environmental legislation and pushing California towards an aggressive effort to fight the Trump Anti-Environmental agenda and combat Global Warming.  Senator Glazer:

  • Voted for the toughest emission standards in the nation, designed to reduce greenhouse gas (ghg) emissions and move California towards 100% renewable energy by 2045. (SB 100)
  • Wrote a law to ban smoking on state beaches. (SB 8)
  • Voted to forbid California from approving new oil and gas wells on public land. (AB 342)
  • Voted to require public access to Hollister Ranch, a preserve on the Central Coast. (AB 1680)
  • Voted to prevent the Trump Administration from undermining California’s environmental protections. (SB 1)
  • Voted to provide safe and affordable drinking water for low-income and disadvantaged communities. (SB 200)
  • Voted to forbid offshore oil drilling in state waters. (AB 1775, SB 834)
  • Voted to expand lead screening tests for children. (AB 2122)
  • Voted to create a program to rescue the endangered Monarch Butterfly. (AB 2421)
  • Voted to require manufacturers of cleaning products to disclose ingredients including chemicals linked to serious health conditions. (SB 258)
  • Voted to increase climate mitigation funding for impacted communities. (SB 1072)
  • Voted to reduce waste in food packaging. (SB 1335)
  • Voted for California’s Cap-and-Trade program to help meet the state’s greenhouse gas (ghg) reduction goals. (AB 398)
  • Voted to strengthen restrictions on lobbyists seeking to influence the State Coastal Commission. (AB 2002)
  • Voted for the Lead-Acid Battery Recycling Act that provided $30 million annually to clean up contamination caused by lead-acid batteries. (AB 2153)
  • Voted to create Solar CARE, a $100 million a year program to bring solar energy and lower utility bills to low-income tenants throughout California. (AB 693)
  • Voted to add 2 seats to the state Air Resources Board reserved for individuals representing low-income communities and communities of color to add an environmental justice perspective. (AB 1288)
  • Voted to require state pension funds to divest their holdings in thermal coal, America’s dirtiest energy source. (SB 185).

Looking forward, Senator Glazer’s environmental priorities include:

  • Conserve water. Protect California’s long-term water availability through recycling, reuse, and better groundwater practices.
  • Oppose Delta tunnels. The current plan to build massive tunnels to take Delta water to Southern California does not make environmental sense. Steve firmly opposes it.
  • Protect urban growth boundaries. Voter-approved growth boundaries prevent sprawl and protect the quality of life in our communities.
  • Reduce carbon emissions. A key priority is to keep California on track to meet our carbon reduction goals. 
  • Place the Tesla open space area in Livermore into permanent conservation.