Transparency Pledge Letter


February 23, 2015

 To:  Susan Bonilla
        Joan Buchanan
        Terry Kremin

Re:  Transparency Pledge 

The four of us have an opportunity to change the conversation in California politics.

We have an opportunity to correct the imbalance of power that gives special access to special interests—and shuts out the people from important conversations about our future.

Together, we can take a positive step to end the hidden agendas and backroom deals that prevent our elected officials from addressing California’s problems in a fair and open manner.

I ask you to join me in sharing with voters all of our responses to all candidate questionnaires.

By publishing our responses on our websites, we will make our race a model of independence from the very special interests that use these questionnaires to pressure candidates into adopting rigid and narrowly drawn positions.

These special interests abhor openness.

They expect us to keep secret whatever promises are made to win their endorsements.

It’s a shady game.  But by sharing our answers with the public, we will bring it into the sunshine.

I am committed to posting all of my responses to these questionnaires on my website, and I ask you to join me.

In this way, we can help break the special interests’ stranglehold over the Legislature, and end the polarization and dysfunction that prevents our elected officials from solving problems and getting things done.

I pledge to post on my website, in a clearly marked link called “Campaign Questionnaires,” my answers to each of these surveys.  Voters then can evaluate my statements and hold me accountable.

My promise for full disclosure is unilateral, but I sincerely hope that you will join me in this commitment.

The focus of our campaigns should be on solutions to the big problems facing our state.  The voters deserve a thoughtful and fair-minded representative in Sacramento, and they should not be left wondering what sort of promises any of us made to secure that position.

I look forward to your response.



Steve Glazer