High School Teacher Riki Sorenson


"As a public school teacher and union member, I’m voting for Steve Glazer.  As a private citizen Steve worked tirelessly to protect our public schools from budget reductions and to raise teacher pay and benefits -- that is why he was awarded the highest recognition that our school district can bestow on a citizen volunteer.

I would like to see teacher pensions that are as robust for those just entering the profession, as for those about to retire, and commend Steve for taking on overdue pension reform to fix a broken system, and ensure State solvency for the benefit of all public employees.

I commend Steve for courageously opposing the BART strikes; I do not label him 'anti-union' as his criticisms of management were as loud as those of labor. I am disheartened by the union pile-on that has ensued, especially when the attacks are nonsensical and deceitful. Steve is a good man who has assiduously served our schools and community. 

I’m a Democrat, a union member, and I’m proudly voting for Steve Glazer."