Former California State Controller Steve Westly 2003-2007


"Over three decades of public service, Steve Glazer has repeatedly proven himself as a socially progressive and fiscally responsible Democrat.  

Steve strongly supports a woman's right to choose and adamantly opposes restrictions that would limit any woman's access to reproductive health services.  He is also a passionate believer in marriage equality and LGBT rights.  And, he's an environmentalist who helped preserve thousands of acres of open space.

Steve will continue his work to support key priorities like education and keeping college tuition down, but will draw the line on wasteful spending.  He balanced multiple budgets as a Mayor and understands we need to keep our state on a responsible fiscal path.

Steve worked closely with Gov. Brown to prevent $6 billion in education cuts and led the campaign to provide affordable housing and residences for abused women and foster children.

That's the kind of leadership - and record of results - we need in the State Senate.  Please join me in supporting Steve Glazer, a proven progressive problem-solver.

As California's former Chief Financial Officer, I know firsthand how important it is we elect proven and committed Democrats like Steve Glazer who will keep our state fiscally sound while fighting for human rights and our shared progressive values."