Why I'm Running

Transcript of Senator Glazer's announcement that he is running for state Controller:


“I’m Senator Steve Glazer and today I am announcing my candidacy for California State Controller.

“The Controller is our state’s chief financial officer-- making sure the books are honest and balanced --  with the power to audit the spending of every tax dollar.

“Few of us like to pay taxes. But all of us want to be sure that every tax dollar is spent responsibly and efficiently.

“There are too many sacred cows in government where politicians fear to tread. It is time to cut the bull, cut the fat, get the most for every tax dollar

“I have extensive experience in budgeting and auditing as a 10 year city councilmember and Mayor, as a Board member of the California State University and these past 7 years in the State Senate.

“I have a record of being fiercely independent of special interests and party bosses and fighting for fiscal responsibility in all the laws that we pass.

“I believe a strong, independent Controller can be an effective watchdog for the public; and I believe my record of independence and accomplishment makes me uniquely equipped to serve in this capacity.

“I wrote the legislation that created an independent Inspector General to hold the Bay Area transit system accountable and went toe to toe with Big Tobacco to ban products that targeted our children.

“It is time to elect leaders who can be innovative, independent and fearless. That is why I am in this race for state controller. I hope you will join me at SenatorGlazer.com.”