SF Chronicle Opinion--Why we endorsed Steve Glazer in Senate District 7 (March 17 election)

San Francisco Chronicle
March 16, 2015
By John Diaz

The race to succeed U.S. Rep. Mark DeSaulnier for an East Bay seat in the California Senate has become a battle among three very capable Democrats: Orinda Mayor Steve Glazer, state Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla and former state Assemblywoman Joan Buchanan. Glazer has tried to make this a referendum on whether there is room in the Democratic party — indeed, in the California Legislature — for centrists who are willing to challenge party orthodoxy and work with Republicans when needed to get things done. We think such voices are too scarce in the State Capitol.

Here is our editorial board’s endorsement of Glazer.

Not surprisingly, organized labor has no interest in added such independent thinkers to the Democrat-ruled Legislature — especially one who has (quite sensibly) suggested that BART is such an essential service (and vital to the economy, the environment and public safety) that its workers should not be allowed to strike (as in the case of other major cities). The union tactics to undermine Glazer’s campaign have been among the most disingenuous I’ve seen in years. Check out this story by Carla Marinucci on one especially insidious campaign tactic. As the candidates came to our editorial board interviews, we asked each of them after the meeting to give a one-minute pitch for their candidacies. Scroll down and check them out:

Susan Bonilla, Candidate For SD 7

Steve Glazer, Candidate For SD 7
Joan Buchanan, Candidate For SD 7