Steve's fighting for California families!

ORINDA — State Sen. Steve Glazer, D-Orinda, is proposing new legislation giving Orinda and other cities the power to fine short-term rental violators up to $5,000 — in direct response to the mass shooting that killed five people Halloween night and rocked this city.

Glazer, a former mayor of Orinda, said he will introduce the bill Tuesday. He said it is intended to “create a strong enough disincentive that people will think twice about renting” out “party houses” that attract crowds in residential neighborhoods. Glazer said Assemblywoman Rebecca Bauer-Kahan, D-Orinda, will co-author the bill. Read more here


"We need more legislators like Glazer, willing to stand up for civil rights, gender equality, immigrant rights, environment, health care for all and education – but to do so with a careful eye to the details and an appreciation of the political diversity of his district.

Glazer authored legislation to ban smoking and vaping on state beaches and in state parks, which Gov. Gavin Newsom signed last year . . . And he co-authored a bill eliminating the bullet-button loophole in the state’s assault weapons ban after two rifles with the quick-detaching magazines were used in the San Bernardino shooting that killed 14 people." Read more here

-East Bay Times Editorial Board

Stand with Steve because Steve stands with us!

SENATOR STEVE GLAZER HAS STOOD UP FOR CALIFORNIA AND OUR COMMUNITIES; fighting to protect our air and water from polluters, standing up to the gun lobby; curtailing the power of banks and their predatory lending; stopping giveaways to big developers; beating the tobacco and vaping lobby; and protecting the health and welfare of families and children from all backgrounds who live in our state.

STEVE IS HOLDING PG&E ACCOUNTABLE for their failure to harden their electrical grid, forcing unnecessary power shutdowns and massive wildfire casualties. He is demanding that telecommunication companies install power backups to maintain reliable cell phone service during emergencies.

CHAMPION FOR SCHOOLS. Steve has been a state leader in expanding funding for schools and colleges to record levels; stopping tuition increases and expanding college admission slots for California residents. (photos)

REDUCING GUN VIOLENCE. Steve stood up to the NRA and wrote the legislation to strengthen California’s Assault Weapon Ban. (photos)

COMBATTING CLIMATE CHANGE. Steve voted for the nation’s toughest clean air laws and to restrict oil drilling off our coast.

HELPING WORKING FAMILIES. Steve voted to raise the minimum wage, expand the rights of workers to unionize, stop wage theft, and provide paid maternity leave for school employees. (photos)

PROTECTING WOMEN’S/LGBTQ RIGHTS. Steve has been rated 100% by Planned Parenthood and 100% by Equality California for four straight years. (photos)

Despite pressures from powerful special interests, Steve stays focused on fighting for our community. We stand with Steve because Steve stands with us.