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Here's what People are Saying About Senator Glazer....


'California needs a controller to challenge Sacramento’s establishment. This candidate can


In a relatively strong field, one candidate stands out as possessing the experience and independence to serve as a meaningful check on the behemoth state government: state Sen. Steve Glazer.' -- The Sacramento Bee

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'Glazer would be a strong, independent California controller'--San Jose Mercury News.

April 30, 2022

"California needs a controller with integrity and state government experience — someone who has demonstrated political independence, an ability to foster bipartisan cooperation and a willingness to speak truth to power.

Bay Area state Sen. Steve Glazer is the only candidate in the June 7 primary who meets those criteria. Californians who want a controller who will effectively manage the state office of more than 1,400 workers and ensure tax dollars are efficiently and effectively spent should vote for him."


'Glazer is the Democrat most likely to demonstrate political independence.'--Los Angeles Times

April 21, 2022

"Glazer is the Democrat most likely to demonstrate political independence. As a legislator, he’s bucked Democratic leadership by voting against a gas tax increase in 2017 and against a raise for prison guards in 2021. With a career in California politics that dates back to his work for Jerry Brown in the 1970s, Glazer knows the ins and outs of state government."